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Dog Training and Agility

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About Scallywags

The purpose and aims of Scallywags dog training are to promote responsible dog ownership and to help dog owners achieve a better understanding of their dogs and look towards a life of mutual enjoyment. We are members of the Pet Professional Guild. The Association for force-free Professionals. If you would like to train your dog in a positive way, we will show you how. You are welcome to come and watch anytime. 

Training Information

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Indoor Puppy Classes

For puppies under 6 months of age. It is important for your young puppy to have a positive interaction with other puppies and with a wide variety of people to help them to become friendly and outgoing. All aspects of training are covered, coming when called, walking on a loose lead, sit, down, wait, and stay. We can also offer advice on puppy biting, nutrition, and more.

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Home Visits 

Scallywags instructor will visit you at home and give you advice on how to develop a good relationship with your puppy by understanding how they think and learn. Advice on toilet training, grooming, chewing, puppy biting and excitability are all included. We will also help you to understand how to start off basic puppy training and socialisation. Also available for older puppies or a new adult dog in the home.

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Agility Training

Great sport for dogs that are fit and active. For complete beginners, to competition standard, or just for fun. Agility takes place on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the winter. Weekday evenings during the summer. 

Day-time One to One lessons are also available. 

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Outdoor Puppy Play & Learn

An outdoor puppy class held at Henton near Chinnor. The class focus is on socialising your puppy. The venue is totally secure so you can let your puppy off the lead to play with other puppies in a relaxed and safe environment. We also cover all basic training exercises like sit, down, wait, stay, recall and walking nicely on the lead. We can offer advice on puppy biting, nutrition, and more. 

Classes are for puppies around12 weeks to 8 months.

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Bronze, Silver and Gold Good Dog Challenge

This class is for dogs and puppies over 6 months that would like to further their training while working towards a goal. you will be learning practical exercises and life skills to help you and your dog live in harmony.

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Outdoor One-to-One Training 

This is for dogs of all ages. Either starting out or adult dogs that need to get back on track. We can cover basic training and life skills. We can work on sit, down, wait, stay, recall and walking nicely on a lead. 

One-to-one lessons are held at our outdoor training field near Chinnor.  

Meet Jeff!

Jeff Walton


Hi, my name is Jeff Walton, I run Scallywags Dog Training in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.


My canine career started in 1988 when I began working with wolves, after six years of studying the wolves' behaviour, this sparked my interest in dogs. Since then I have worked in a dog re-homing/rescue centre, I worked for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for six years as a trainer and an assessor, assessing up to 200 dogs a year of many different breeds. During this time I completed training courses on canine behaviour and other subjects such as neutering and canine nutrition and many others.

I have been a Scallywags instructor teaching puppies, adult dogs, agility and flyball for 25 years. I am a member of The Association for Force-Free Professionals. We only use modern, positive reward-based training methods.

I love spending quality time with my dogs on a relaxing walk near my home in Oxfordshire. I also love training and competing in agility. I have enjoyed a lot of success over the years with my dogs and have qualified for every major final in the UK and represented England several times in the Nations Cup. I have also been an agility judge since 2006.

My goal is to use my knowledge and experience to help you understand your dog and for your dog to understand you, therefore enjoying a happy partnership throughout your lives together.

More on Scallywags Dog Training

The purpose and aims of the dog training schools are to promote responsible dog ownership and to help dog owners achieve a better understanding of their dogs towards a life of mutual enjoyment.

All training methods used at Scallywags Dog Training are consistent with the principles of kindness and fairness to both clients and their dogs.

We can teach you how to train your dog by understanding your dogs' behaviour and needs.

The size of the classes are kept small to allow more individual attention. You are welcome to come and watch classes at any time.

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Meet the Scallywags!

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